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Now that hat season is in full swing, we thought it would be nice to have a look at some of the good bits of 2014 at English Language & Usage.

First of all, some congratulations to members who hit 20K reputation this year:*

Job well done.

On a similar note, some of the more interesting gold badges earned this year:


Unsung Hero


Three questions from this year that caught our attention (in a good way)

Thanks to all our members for helping make EL&U the thriving community that it is. Thanks for an enjoyable 2014 and have a happy 2015!

*Thanks to the SE team for compiling the list. Since this was done in the middle of December more folks may have passed the line.


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  • martha says:

    I’m fairly certain I hit 20K sometime this year. Wasn’t even that long ago; something like September or October. Way to make a girl feel like chopped liver, folks.

  • Matt Ellen says:

    Sorry, Martha. For some reason you weren’t in the list SE sent me. I’ve added you in. Sorry again.

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